Sunday, May 11, 2008

Very important update regarding surveys


Later in the week we will be signing a contract with a new survey company. Because of that we changed the surveys section. Partnering with this company will allow us to distribute a lot more $1-$10 targeted surveys. In order for you to receive them you MUST fill out a quick one page profiler we created.

In order to fill out the profiler go to SURVEYS section and then you will see a box on the left that says take a profiler. Failure to fill out this profiler will mean that you will only see daily surveys or non-targeted surveys.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Mike S. said...

Had no problems with the pre-survey profiler, but my question is:

Do we have to use the profiler every day?

Thanks for continuing to improve the network.

Mike S.

Mike S. said...

Had no problems with the pre-survey profiler, but my question is:

Do we have to use the profiler every day?

Thanks for continuing to improve the network.

Mike S.

Mike S. said...


Sorry for the double click. Still to early in the morning and I havent had my cup of coffee yet.


monymakr said...

Thanks always you are bringing the best...completed profiler.

linda said...

Is AMP gone now.


ladyluck said...

Dmitry--Thanks for pulling in yet another way for us to make money :)

FYI---I completed all the questions on the profiler, then clicked the submit button at the bottom and the first time I got an error message than said I needed to specify the age of children at home (even though I'd marked the "no" box about having no children at home). I went back and typed in "none" in the first box for child's YOB, then deleted that, hit submit at the bottom again, and that time it went through fine. Thought you might want to know, in case any one else hits the glitch.

nancy said...

I imagine we need to fill out the profiler so we can get surveys, but I also suspect that many survey companies are checking to make sure a person really is telling the truth when taking surveys.

For instance if you said in the profile that you dont have children and then in a new survey lie and say you do, you might not get credit. I clicked on the wrong thing in a survey once by mistake and got a msg that I gave an invalid answer and the survey was being terminated because of this action.

I'm very happy that so far QR has not dropped the payment amount that we get for surveys, inbox dollars has cut their survey payment in 1/2 and freeride is requiring more points to redeem.

I am thrilled with QR, I cant remember how I found the site,I think I googled similar sites. Perhaps someone is making money from me, I have no idea if I am a "referral" for someone. No matter I'm just glad I found this site.

Thanks Dimitry for always being there to answer questions and keeping us all up to date on things on the QR site.

QR "rocks" :)

Dmitry said...

Hi Mike,
You only fill it out ONCE

Kat said...

Filled out the profile Dmitry.

I've been a member of QR for a long time and have had nothing but good experiences. You're right... QR rocks.

shadow37 said...

I didn't find any profiler in the survey section and only the "My 2-cents" survey was offered.

Dmitry said...

Hi shadow37,
Did you look all the way on the right? Also do you see the other 3 daily surveys?

Southernpal said...

I is wonderful to fill out the info for the surveys ahead of time. It is great to be qualified before the survey starts than to fill out part of a survey and then the window pops up... sorry not for you. (my interpretation hehe).

maiah said...

Had no problem filling up the survey profiler!

betty51941 said...

Dmitry, I did my survey profile back on May11-12th as requested. I received 3rd mailing 5/15 stating:
$2.50 Senior Healthcare Study is available in the survey section for those who qualify.
Go to the surveys section to see if you see it there. It will only be there if you took our profiler survey and the data in that profile matched to what this survey is looking for. If you never took the profiler make sure you take it in the survey section. This will guarantee that you will receive more targeted surveys

So I checked figuring as me a old gal and It is not there. Is this targeted survey for Old dirty men only or is there some glitches?

Dmitry said...

Hi betty51941,
It was targeted to certian zips, but they are opening it for the whole US later today. You will receive another email.

John and Lisa said...

I'm having trouble filing out the profile. I do not drink any of beverages on a regular basis. It also won't accept the ages of my children.