Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New QuickRewards blog (VERY IMPORTANT)

The new QuickRewards blog is here! You can visit it by clicking on BLOG icon on the QR homepage when you login or using the following url:

Why is this blog better?
-You not longer need a Google account to participate. You just need to be a QR member.
-You now can earn 5 tokens daily to participate in the blog
-More contests
-Easier navigation and more content
-Ability to interact with other members and QR staff

You should still save this google url in case our servers go down. If QR is down we will use this google blog to keep you updated.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

May Frequent Shopper Club Promotion

We are currently in the process of reconstructing our frequent shopper program to make it more fun and rewarding. While we are doing that I decided to create a rewarding May promotion which is super simple. The more you shop, the bigger the bonus per order is. Just follow this chart:
Amount of orders in May      Bonus Per Order
3-5       $0.15 per order
6-10       $0.25 per order
11-25       $0.50 per order
26+       Flat $15 bonus
*At least 75% of the orders must be $25 or more before shipping/tax/coupons
**All the orders must be placed on or after May 1st until May 31st. It is ok if the orders don’t credit on May 31st and credit a few days later. We count the order date not when the instant creditor picks up the order.
***Ebay transactions are excluded from this bonus (see below for Ebay tiers).

Tier for EBAY
Amount of orders in May       Bonus Per Order
3-5       $0.05 per order
6-10       $0.10 per order
11+       $0.15 per order
*At least 75% of the Ebay orders must be $5 or more before shipping/tax/coupons

Email support@quickrewards.net the first week of June with the total amount of orders (starting MAY 1) to receive the bonus.

Very important update regarding surveys


Later in the week we will be signing a contract with a new survey company. Because of that we changed the surveys section. Partnering with this company will allow us to distribute a lot more $1-$10 targeted surveys. In order for you to receive them you MUST fill out a quick one page profiler we created.

In order to fill out the profiler go to SURVEYS section and then you will see a box on the left that says take a profiler. Failure to fill out this profiler will mean that you will only see daily surveys or non-targeted surveys.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Children's Place is back!

QuickRewards is proud to announce that one of our most popular stores The Children's Place is back in our shopping section! You will receive 3.1% cash back per order.

New idea waiting for your feedback

I was thinking of this idea for a while, but today I had some free time so I decided to just ask you about it.

There are a lot of members that shop online frequently and find a lot of very good deals that are just unbelievable. I was thinking of making a contest or rewarding those who share deals with other members. For example if today Kohl’s is selling item X at 50% off and there is also a 20% off QR coupon not many members will know about this, but one member will. Would members be interested in sharing their great deals/finds on the blog? Of course it would need to be a merchant that QR has in the shopping section. If this merchant also has coupons I would edit the blog and add the coupons to maximize the savings and maybe even increase the % cash back rate. If a deal that someone posts is popular (other members place an order to buy this item or take advantage of this sale) this specific member gets some kind of a bonus. What you think about this? Are there QR shoppers who would participate in this? We would need more than one person to help us with this to make it possible.

UPDATED QUESTION: Do you all want to start this right away or wait until the QR blog comes out later in the week (I hope)

Blog Game: Unscramble the words



Here are the 10 $1 winners:
1. wchau81
2. dleora
3. mcastillanes
4. Samplynn
5. iluvdisney
6. megmeg74
7. aunttam
8. jollyjen3
9. Spitfire
10. tkela


Let’s test a blog game to see how well it works. The object of the game is simple. Unscramble these 3 words and email your answers to support@quickrewards.net. The first 10 members to email us the correct answers to all 3 will receive $1 QR credit. We will post the winners on the blog once we get 10 correct responses.

Example: LASTA unscrambled is ATLAS

3 words to unscramble:


Once the 10 members email us we will end this game and based on how popular it will be decide if we should continue with it or not.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

CONTEST: What I would like to see on the blog….

We are in the process of redesigning the blog so that we can have our own internal blog and not use this Google one. This will allow all QR members to communicate since you will not need a Google account to post. Our own blog will also allow us to have more flexibility in terms of bumping content up (Google does not let me do that) as well as post multiple subjects at once without you having to scroll down the blog. Another great benefit (for our Monthly blog contest) is that you will no longer have to scroll down through 100 responses. There will also be more member interaction.

We want to know what you would like to see in the new blog. What do you like/don’t like about this current blog. Any suggestions on what the new blog should focus on?

Leave a comment or send a response to support@quickrewards.net. Later next week we will select two winners. Each will receive a choice of M or XL QuickRewards Tshirt!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Blog Contest

Last year on our forum we had a very popular thread called WHAT CREDITED TODAY which helped many members decide which offers are good/bad and what credits. It also gave the members the ability to discuss offers. Since our forum is not even close to being complete (this project is not a top priority for us at this stage because of a bigger idea in the works) I decided to use the blog to bring this contest back.

Prizes: 10 winners $2 each (According to our last poll members wanted to see smaller prizes, but more winners)

LAST PROMO $5 WINNERS (email support@quickrewards.net to claim the bonus)

USERNAME: rkeffer
USERNAME: rumrunnergirl
USERNAME: Warior Dragon

How to enter:
Simply post a comment with offer(s) that credited to your account today and let us know your experience with them(if you like). You can enter daily.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing new donation option: Project Linus

A long time Quickrewards member is the area coordinator for Project Linus.

“Project Linus is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization. Our Mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of NEW HOMEMADE WASHABLE blankets and quilts lovingly created by volunteer blanketeers. We also provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups to make blankets for hurting children. Many of our blanketeers cannot afford the costs of materials (fleece, yarn, fabric etc) so we provide this free to them through contributions to the San Jose Chapter of Project Linus.”


QuickRewards members can help Project Linus by donating their tokens (100,000 stacks) or cash balance ($1 stacks). Hopefully with everything we collect will allow Project Linus to give away a lot more blankets then they do now.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scavenger Hunt is back!

We are going to repeat the scavenger hunt from two weeks again this coming Wednesday. Two weeks ago our database was not able to handle the huge amount of traffic, but now since we tweaked the database a bit we are ready to give it a try. We want to see if it will work well now. Please remember that the site might be slow again during that day and this scavenger hunt will be a very good indicator of if we fixed our database issue or not.

For those that don’t remember what it is here are all the details: Through the day we will randomly select 10+ offers in the SIGNUPS section. Each offer will give you a reward if you locate it ($0.01-$0.05) a click and up to 200% rate boost if you do it.

Let’s hope it works this time!

Good & Bad News

Bad News: We ended David’s cookies contest. The reason why we had to end it is because the MID offers just don’t credit as good as they used to in the good old days which means less people had the ability to participate in the contest. Did you enjoy the David’s cookies raffle? If I get a positive response we will bring it back.

Here is the last set of winners. Email support@quickrewards.net to claim the prizes:

QuickyPot total: 87,162 tokens. The winners are:
Curlymmv 43,581 tokens
Sharcj 26,149 tokens
Amyk 17,433 tokens

Davids Cookie Tin winner: rames316

Good News:
The QuickyPot will now be progressive. Instead of 3 winners every few weeks we will change the offer and divide the Quickypot among everyone. This way everyone wins! We also want to introduce: Wacky Rate Boost and Wacky Shopping Rate Boost. We will randomly boost rates of various offers and shopping merchants. Some boosts will be as high as 25-200%. The thing is that no one knows when these rates will end. We will keep changing them often.
Please let me know if you like the new idea or the old idea better. We will change it so that everyone is happy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

4 updates

1) We had another instant creditor jam so we are restarting it. All today's offers and yesterday's daily survey should be uploaded in a few hours
UPDATE: The instnat creditor is still not back to normal so it's ok that you are not seeing 3/17 surveys and 3/18 signups yet

2) Our click advertiser wants us to double the volume. 6 hour clicks will go back to hourly later today. Also look out for a new $0.01 Spiral Frog click.

3) We didn't double last month tokens yet. I hope we will this week. It's a long manual process so we are trying to make it automatic.

4) Why did my balance drop a bit today (this is only for about 100 members)
You saw a large unexpected increase to your account yesterday noon right? That is because some of the daily surveys you did on Friday or over the weekend credited multiple times for some reason. We ran a program to remove the duplicates.

Response to a QR complaint

I was reading one of the rewards program boards today and found a complaint about QR saying what’s going on with QR and if it’s going down the drain because today there is no Guess my number, no trivia, no emails and yesterday/today no one responded to their emails. I said this before so let me explain it again:

QuickRewards has been around since 2002 and we only have 4 employees. 2 out of the 4 are really very active (programmer and myself) while other two help out with the Paypal and gift cards. Putting up daily trivia, guess my number game and emails is my task. Others don’t know how to do it. If I am sick or am away one day (Sunday/Monday I went away with my family and unfortunately we had no internet access) and don’t put up the trivia/game/send paid email that DOES NOT MEAN that QR is going down the drain. QuickRewards has gained over 25,000 new members within the last few months because of advertising. This was a huge surprise to us that we didn’t expect and now we have twice the emails to answer daily then before while once again I am doing all the emails myself with no one helping me. We don’t have the money to hire more employees at this time and basic things like this (no game or trivia or late response to emails) can happen from time to time. Most other rewards programs don’t respond to emails for days so if you don’t get your response within a few hours I always tell our members to just resend it again. Not seeing a game up, not seeing a response to an email within minutes/hours is not something that should be a large concern or mean that QR is going downhill.

Just writing this to let you all know that you should consider that we are still a tiny company even though we might look big because of the brand loyaly we gained over the years. We are growing daily, but until we have the financial resources to hire more people please be patient with us about things like one day the trivia is put up late or the game is late and so on. QuickRewards is not going downhill and we are growing stronger and stronger everyday.
We got a huge contract today with an advertiser that no one else has and I can't wait until we announce them to you soon. It will be a new weekly activity for everyone to participate in.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Your opinion needed (we need as much feedback as we can get)

As you may know there is more and more fraud happening in the rewards program industry because of all the new sites showing up daily and they attract International members from countries advertisers don’t want traffic from. As a result a lot of new clients don’t want to deal with incentive sites because they all assume incentive sites have bad traffic. Since QuickRewards has been around since 2002 we already established a lot of relationships with advertisers so all these industry changes are not really effecting us. The thing is that I have a bunch of new clients who are skeptical about incentive traffic and they want to try QR out, but are afraid that because we have no minimum policy people will take advantage of their offers (no rewards program has these) specifically those who don’t live in US/CA and use a proxy.

I found a solution to please them and many other future advertisers, but wanted to ask for your opinion. If a majority of you think it’s a bad idea we will not do it since QuickRewards cares about your opinions. The best way to keep no minimum is to require that everyone redeeming for Paypal has a VERIFIED Paypal account. Verified account means that a real person (US or CA) owns the account because Paypal confirmed all the details with the bank or credit card company. QR does not allow international members to join (only US, CA, UK) and some international members who are not in these countries are using proxy to make us think that they are in US and redeem with a unverified Paypal account. We have been in this industry for 6 years now and know almost every trick in the book. We catch them and close their accounts right away, but if we had this rule they would not even bother joining. We always allowed members to redeem with unverified status, but I wanted to know if it will be a major issue if we no longer allowed that and required members to have a verified account?

I can even make a rule that if you don’t want to verify your paypal account (since it requires credit card or bank account connected to Paypal) you must redeem for a shipped gift certificate at least once. This way we know you have a physical US address. If you also were a long time QR member (over one year OR those that are less then one year and do more then just signups and trials (surveys and shopping)) and still have an unverified paypal we will not require you to verify it.

Why would this be a good change? It would allow us to get more advertisers (those who are afraid to advertise on incentive sites) and it would allow us to process payments faster too since we don’t need to check verified accounts as much as we would check unverified.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this. I don’t want to make a major decision without hearing what you all think about it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feb Token Doubling

We didn’t double Feb tokens yet for those who reached 100% or are a frequent shopper. We expect this to happen later in the week.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 Day Shopping Rate Boost Promotional Rates

Thanks to those who voted on the blog regarding which merchants we should increase the shopping rates for. Here are the new 2 day only rates:

Advertiser Everyday Rate 2 Day Only Rate
4InkJets ------15%------ 20%
AVON------ 5.5% ------7.5%
Drugstore------ 6.5%------ 9%
Ebay---- 32% (cost to seller to list your item)------ 75%
Oldnavy/GAP ------3.1%/3.3% ------3.8%
Overstock.com ------3.6%------ 5%
Shoebuy ------12%------ 15%
VisaPrint ------13% ------18%
Walmart ------2%------ 3.5%
Yves Rocher------ 10.5% ------13.5%

These rate boosts are only good MONDAY 1/21 & TUESDAY 1/22. You must mention in the confirmation email you sent us that you are getting the rate boost. If this promotion will be a great success and we receive positive feedback we will make sure these promotions repeat more often.

***Please note we didn’t do a boost on Disney , Best Buy, HomeDepot, Kohl’s, Newegg or Barnes Nobles because there isn’t much of a boost that we can give you on it this month to make the promotion sound good.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Which shopping store would you like to see a rate boost for?

2007 Cyber Monday Holiday promotion is back even though it's not even the holidays!

On Monday 1/21 and Tuesday 1/22 we will increase the cash back rate for 10 shopping sites. Rate boost can be as much as double the current rate . Which stores should we increase the rate for? It is up to YOU.

Simply post a comment on this blog with the store(s) you would like a rate boost for. At the end of the week the top 10 stores with the most requests will have their rate boosted.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why stuff does not credit & what can I do to make sure stuff credits.

Some members email us constantly saying that their offer(s) don’t credit. Even though this only applies to about 2% of our database I still decided to create this guide to help everyone out who has crediting issues.

How come stuff does not always credit?

98% of the offers in QuickRewards do credit. Sometimes the instant creditor gets jammed, but if it does that then it always catches up on what it didn't upload. If there was a crediting issue the advertiser never uploaded your transaction into their report and therefore the instant creditor has nothing to pick up. If you don't see credit that does not mean that it is the instant creditor's fault. I would say that 2:100 members are only having a crediting issue. If we see that specific offer(s) don’t credit for a majority we remove them from the site. Nothing is ever perfect and nothing tracks 100%. If 1 or 2 out of 10 offers don’t credit this isn’t a big issue. Crediting depends on a lot of things and one of the issues in the rewards program industry is that there are many competitors that have the same offers so if you are jumping from one site to another or if your security settings are too high these are the most common reasons why things don’t credit. In addition to that it can be that your computer firewall or software is blocking the cookies or your security is too high. There is no rewards program in existence where 100% of the things credit.

What does QuickRewards do when things don’t credit?

QuickRewards has one of the friendliest policies regarding manual credits. If things don’t credit that means QuickRewards never got paid for the transaction from the advertiser because your transaction never tracked. If shopping does not credit we can always email the advertisers and request manual credit. If freebie offers don’t credit we can’t email anyone since they will never pay for “freebie” offer that are missing, but we can give a courtesy manual credit at our expense(not many sites do that). Of course we can’t afford to keep paying a specific member manually credits if they constantly have errors either. If a trial offer does not credit we try to email the advertiser. If the advertisers don’t respond we always refund the amount you spent on the trial.

Here is a little guide on what you can do to get things to credit:


1) I highly suggest that you use Firefox over Internet Explorer. It has better results and more secure.
2) Make sure you have the following settings:

Internet Explorer (click on TOOLS on top -> Internet Options -> Privacy (top tab) -> Advanced)

Make sure that always allow session cookies and override cookies box is checked. Also make sure that first and third party cookies are set to allow.
Also you have to make sure that your security settings is not set to high. To do that go to TOOLS -> Internet Options -> Security tab on top -> custom level and make sure on the button it says medium or low.

Firefox (click on TOOLS on top -> Options -> Privacy tab on top)
Make sure everything is checked except for always clear my private data after I close Firefox (unless you want this checked).

3) It is VERY important to clear cookies before doing larger offers or shopping. This way if you use multiple rewards programs or if you use coupon sites to locate coupons they will not get credited for these transactions and you/QR will. You should clear cookies occasionally before using our link or more frequently if you are doing large shopping orders or larger offers. Here is how to clear cookies:

Internet Explorer:
Tools on top -> Internet Options -> Delete cookies


Tools -> Clear private data -> Check cookies box and click on clear private data

Does the email you use to do offers matter?

The email you use to do offers can also play an essential role in if something credits or not. I don’t know why, but lately I seen a lot less offers crediting for those who use Yahoo. I suggest you get a gmail account(GOOGLE). This seems to be the best email system to use not only because it credits best, but because they give you a lot of space. You can get a free account by visiting this link:


If none of the two suggestions work please try the following:

1)Firewall/Popup blockers:

Try to disable them, do one offer and enable them back. See if that offer credits. Sometimes firewalls/popup blockers block cookies

2)Downlaod CCleaner.

I heard a lot of members have less problems after downloading it.
“CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)”

3) Do you have Spyware Search and Destroy?

Make sure immunization settings are off. This causing crediting issues too because it blocks cookies


If an order does not credit 99% of the time it does not credit because you use a code/coupon not supplied by QR. Email us first to double check if you can use that coupon.

I hope this guide helps out a lot of members. If you have any questions feel free to post them here. If you have other suggestions on what members can do to avoid crediting issues please leave a comment!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wacky QuickyPot promotion is back with more prizes

Do you remember the popular Wacky QuickyPot promotion we had last year where we selected 10 offers and the QuickyPot for each offer grew every time member did an offer and then that pot was split among everyone? Well it’s back and better then before!

We will once again have 10 offers (At least 5/10 will be new. 7/10 freebie offers and 3/10 trial/shopping) and this time instead of having one out of the new offers being the secret bonus pot 3 of them will be! That’s right 3/10 QuickyPot offers will not only give you the fraction of the pot, additional bonus. 2 freebie offers will each have a 5,000 token bonus and 1 of the trial/shopping offers will have 100,000 token bonus (bigger bonus since a lot less members will do these).

This promotion begins Wed morning and ends Friday 18th 11:59pm EST.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

List of new recently added shopping merchants

We added the following new merchants this week:

Brinks Home Security
CookiesKids(Cookies Department store)
Famous Footwear
Frontier Airlines
Mrs. Prindables
Steve Madden
Total Gym
WebRoot Software

Monday, December 24, 2007

Blog Contest Winners

Thanks to all of those that participated in the two contests we ran on the blog throughout the week. Here are the winners:

Make Room for 2008 contest winner (QuickRewards Tshirt):

40 new offers added to QuickRewards contest winners (100,000 tokens each):

Claiming prize:Please email support@quickrewards.net to claim the prize.

Monday, December 17, 2007

QuickRewards Surveys Spectacular (SUPERB NEWS)

We have very good news. Starting 12/17 we made the following changes to our daily surveys:

1) Daily Greenfield survey will increase from $0.75 to $1.05
2) Daily OTX survey will increase from $0.60 to $0.75
3) NEW: GIVEUSYOUR2CENTS daily $0.75 survey (Can be done in addition to Greenfield)

And remember the $1.05 Greenfield survey also has a Survey Club were you can earn an additional $3 a month if you complete 15 survey or $5 a month if you complete 20 surveys. All of these rates are here to stay and are not for a limited time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Make room for 2008 contest (this contest is only for blog visitors)

Since we just added over 40 new offers (see below) we need to remove expired offers to make room for new offers in 2008. Did you see an expired offer/link? If yes, post a comment with the name of an offer. If you can’t post in the blog feel free to email us.

Every single expired offer you post (please don’t repeat) will be an entry into a contest. Next weekend we will select 1 lucky winner to win a QuickRewards Tshirt.

40 new offers added to QuickRewards + contest (this contest is only for blog visitors)

We just added 40 new offers. You will find the list of the new offers below. Complete any of these offer(s) and leave a comment with the offer(s) you did from this list that credited to your account. 1 entry per offer (you can only win once). Over the weekend (Dec 22-23) 10 winners will randomly be selected to receive 100,000 tokens each.

**To locate the offers use the search box on the site

$1,000,000 Hunt For The Money Sweeps
Free Revlon Colorstay Lipcolor
Free Wired Magazine
Free LOreal Glam Shine
Free Maybelline Volume Mascara
FREE Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
FREE SpongeBob Stickers
Free Neutrogena PureGlow Sample
Free Sample of Jergens Natural Glow
FREE LifeSavers Candy
Free TV Guide Magazine
Free Sports Illustrated Magazine
Vote for the best pizza Free $10 Survey
POP THIS! (free popcorn samples)
Credit Experts
ProductTestPanel - Free iPhone
Consumer Promotion Center
MysteryShoppingRewards - Mystery Shopper
BigWin - Free Dewalt Drill
Winning Surveys - Harley Road King
Surveys for fun Win Lunch for a Year!
New home make over bedroom makeover
Rising Star Learning - Award Winning Childrens Learning Software
Nielsen NetRatings
Want to Start a Home Business
Investing in Success
First Option
Boca Java -Holiday Mug and Cookies
Betty Crockers Country Favorites
Canadian Glam
Best of Burgers Cookbook

Grocery Sweeps

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

QuickRewards Holiday Shopping Promotion: Spin The Wheel Game

For every single order you place(including EBAY), you will receive 3 spins(David’s cookies orders receive 4 spins). You can win up to 25,000 tokens per spin and 1 raffle entry into a contest. Everyone wins in this game at least 500 tokens per spin.

In January we will raffle of the following prizes (most of them are sponsored by David’s Cookies)

Grand prize:

Davids Cookies: 1 winner chooses 12 month - 1 lb cookie of the month or 12 month - dessert of the month membership

Other prizes:

Davids Cookies: 2-lb assorted cookies

Davids Cookies: 12 pc brownies

Davids Cookies: 12 pc assorted cheesecakes

Davids Cookies: cookie-brownie-combo

Davids Cookies: rocky mountain mudslide cake

Jelly Belly candy 10 flavor sampler box

QuickRewards Tshirt and Tote combo

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GAME AND ALL THE RULES VISIT THIS URL:http://quickrewards.net/contests/spinme.html

NOTE: You will see: ERROR FAILED TO GET SPIN DATA until you earn at least 1 game token.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

It’s coming…………………………….

The biggest shopping promotion of the year (biggest one QR ever had) is almost here! It’s so big and unique that we are making you wait a little more until you see all the details.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Site Speed help needed

We are testing to see what is making the site load slower. I removed the digital clicks (they will be back). Can you let me know if the site loads faster now or not. If not is a specific section of the site slow?


Monday, December 3, 2007

QuickyPot and David's cookies winners list moved

Please note that Quickypot and David's cookies winners will be updated weekly in our new blog:

You can also find this url below the Quickypot/David's cookie offer banner.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Idea waiting for your feedback…..

Please go to the polls section to participate in a new poll. In a nutshell, our holiday shopping promotion is almost here (it will have a surprise twist you never seen on QR). In addition to that twist we want to reward bonus tokens. Here is my question to all of you: Would you rather keep the bonus tokens earned for shopping in December to yourself or donate them to Red Cross? Red Cross can do a lot with the money during the holidays. Your feedback is appreciated. Would you feel good about shopping for the holidays and knowing that by shopping not only are you getting a rebate, but helping others in need. Also if Red Cross is choosen should there be a way for members to choose if they want to donate or not or should everyone have no choice?

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here is the official Cyber Monday rate boost chart. Thanks to everyone who posted their requests on the blog for a rate boost. We were able to boost the rates of all the stores you requested. Please note that on the site you will see the everyday rates, but we will bonus the difference (booster rate – regular rate) a few days after your account is credited.

These rates start 12:01 on 11/26 and are good until 11/26 11:59 EST:

Merchant: Regular Rate/1 Day Rate
123 Inkjets    15%   22%
4Inkjets   15%    20%
Alloy   2.6%    4%
Apple iTunes   3.3%    4.5%
Avon   5.5%    7%
Bare Necessities   5%;    7%
Barnes Nobles    4.2%    4.8%
Beauty.com   7%    10%
Best Buy    1.1%    2.5%
Blair   5%    8%
Bookcloseouts.com   6.7%    9%
Boscovs   2.75%    4%
Buy.com   2.1%    2.8%
Cabela's   2.1%    3.5%
Casual Male XL   2.5%    4%
Christian Book   5%    7%
David’s Cookies   5.1%    7%
DeepDiscountDVD   1.3%    1.8%
dElia's   3%    4.5%
Disney   4.3%    5%
Dr Leonards   4%    6%
Drugstore.com   6.5%   8.5%
EBGames   2.5%    4%
Eddie Bauer   4.1%    5%
Etoys   3.3%    4.5%
Fashion Bug   3.1%    4.5%
Fingerhut   6.1%    6.5%
Gamestop   2.5%    4%
Giftcertificates.com   2.5%    4%
Graveyard Mall   5%    6.5%
Haband   6.3%    7.5%
Hallmark   9.3%    11%
Harry & David   4.1%    5.5%
Home Decorators Outlet   3%    4.8%
HSN   4%    6.5% (excludes electronics)
J&R Music World   2%    4%
Joann.com   5%    7%
Journeys   5%    6%
King Size Direct   2.5%    4%
KBTOYS   3.3%    4.5%
Kmart   1.3%    1.8%
Kodak Gallery   6.1%    8.5%
Kohl’s   3.2%    3.8%
Land’s End   3.3%    4.5%
Lane Bryant-Woman Within   2.6%    4%
Lillian Vernon   4.1%    5.5%
Montgomery Ward (Wards.com)   5%    7%
NewEgg   0.8%    1%
Nordstroms   3.3%    4.5%
Overstock   3.6%    4.7% (excludes media items)
Perfumania   6.5%    8.5%
Perfumes America   6%    8%
PersonalCreations   6.3%    7.5%
PersonalizationMall   10%    14%
PetSmart   5.5%    8%
Photoworks   5.1%    8%
Popcorn Factory   5.5%    8%
Red Envelope   6.1%    8.5%
Roaman's   2.7%    4.3%
Sephora   3%    4%
Seventh Avenue   4.1%    4.8%
Shoebuy.com   14%    18%
Shutterfly   5.8%    6.5%
Spreadshirt   7%    14%
Staples   2.1%    2.7%
Target   4.1%    8%
ThinkGeek   3.5%    6%
ToysRus   2.1%    2.8%
Walmart   2%   3.3%
Walter Drake   8%   11%
WWE Shopzone   3.5%    6%
VistaPrint   13%    17%
Vitaminshoppe   5.3%    7%
Yves Roucher   10.5%    13%
Zappos   8%    10%

Friday, November 23, 2007

2 Important updates

I was away the whole Friday so I never had a chance to post this:

1)Daily Surveys(Greenfield): It turns out that their offices are closed Thursday and Friday. You will receive the credits for all surveys on Monday once they come back.

2)Clicks: I read that a lot of members had issues with the clicks section being slow today. The reason is because of Black Friday the stores like Target (which is an advertiser) had too much traffic and their banners had too much loading time. What we will also do on our end is split up the banners between multiple pages. As far as crediting for clicks goes (I will repeat this again) Clorax WILL NOT credit. We don’t have a way of fixing this. Just keep refreshing until another banner shows up.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cyber Monday shopping rate boost request

We will be having a lot of shopping rate boosts on Cyber Monday and YOU are in control of which merchants you want to see a rate boost on. Please post a comment with the merchant(s) you would like higher rates on and your wish will be granted (99.9% of the time).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

3,000 Tokens a day blog contest


How would you like to win 3,000 tokens a day for 7 days in a row? It’s simple with this new pre-Thanksgiving contest. It starts 11/14 and ends 11/21. This contest is exclusive to our blog visitors only.

Every day we will be posting 3 featured offers. We will rotate the offers constantly. Complete 1, 2 or 3 of them. One of these 3 will be chosen to win 3,000 tokens. Whoever completes that selected offer on that specific day will receive an additional 3,000 tokens the following day. You can participate In this game daily and if you do all 3 offers you are a guaranteed winner.

Additional bonus: If you earn 3,000 each of the 7 days email us on the 8th day and we will add 4,000 token bonus. In 7 days you can earn yourself up to 25,000 tokens. Super nice considering tokens no longer expire!

11/21 3,000 token offer: PaidSurveys.com

Feel free to leave a comment with feedback regarding the contest.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Important information regarding the new hourly clicks

The new hourly clicks can be done once an hour. One hour you can see Target the next hour you can see Universal, Delta, Clorax and so on. They keep rotating. Some of the clicks such as Clorax do not credit in IE and work in Firefox (same for Delta). We do not have a way to fix this issue since it is not something that's happening on our end. Our only option is to get rid of all the new clicks which we can’t do since this is an awesome earning opportunity for members. Just letting you all know that if Clorax does not credit do not think it is an issue with our tracking or crediting. We suggest that you do these clicks in Firefox for best results.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Special Blog Promotion

This promotion will not be displayed on the site or our mailing and is only for those that visit the blog.
Successfully complete a daily $0.75 survey and daily OTX $0.60 survey for 3 days in a row starting Sunday until Friday. Then email us to get a $1 bonus once these surveys credit to your account! Promotion ends 11/16. You must respond to this blog by leaving a comment stating that you are interested or email us. Only those that email or respond will be able to participate.

Quick update regarding daily $0.75 Greenfield survey:
I was at a meeting with them this past Monday. She told me that around 15th they will be adding a whole new router of surveys so everyone should have better luck qualifying for them.

Introducing: OTX Survey -> New daily $0.60 Survey

QuickRewards is glad to introduce a new advertiser, OTX Surveys. It works the same way as the Greenfield Daily $0.75 survey, but has its own advantages. Members can now complete two daily surveys every 24 hours ($0.75 Greenfield and $0.60 OTX). Go to the surveys section to get started!

So what’s so special about OTX?
-OTX surveys credit within hours after you successfully complete them.
-They have hundredth of surveys in rotation and all have guaranteed tracking with no tracking issues. As soon as you finish a survey it will assign a survey ID to you so that you have proof of taking a survey. Their system is very powerful that can keep track of every survey you completed and attempted to complete. We were told that they have the most surveys on Friday and weekends.
-You can try until you qualify. If you don’t qualify right away it will give you an option of qualifying for another survey. No waiting hours to try again.

OTX Survey club:

Complete 15 surveys in one month and get a $2 bonus

Complete 20 surveys in one month and get a $3 bonus

Complete 25 surveys in one month and get a $5 bonus

Please remember that we also have a Greenfield Daily Survey club:
Complete 15 surveys in one month and get a $3 bonus
Complete 20 surveys in one month and get a $5 bonus

In a nutshell survey takers, this is your opportunity to earn more daily in addition to earning more bonuses at the end of the month. Don’t forget to visit the surveys section of the site daily.

Friday, November 2, 2007

QuickRewards Early Holiday Shopping Special

QuickRewards knows that REAL deal-hunters don't wait until Black Friday to start their holiday shopping!

Every day from 11/5 through Thanksgiving, QuickRewards will be increasing our cashback rebates on a Merchant of the Day. Unlike other rewards programs, we're telling you in advance who the merchants will be each day so you can plan your purchases around the promotion schedule. PLUS, each day on the QuickRewards Coupon Blog we will share available coupons for the Merchant of the Day as well as other information to help you make the most of your shopping dollar! Does the merchant have a big sale going on? Are they offering free shipping with a minimum purchase? What are some great gift ideas at the merchant, and at a great price? QuickRewards wants to help you find the deals!

New to QuickRewards? Here’s why our shoppers come back again and again:

-Highly competitive rates

-Rebates credit to your account FAST (within days)

-Cash out as soon as your rebates credit -- no waiting through a 6 to 12 week “pending period” like some other programs

-NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED to cash out your rebates to your Paypal account

-Cash out for emailable gift certificates starting at a low $5 or snail-mailable gift cards starting at $5($1 for Disney dollars)! Other programs have a $10 or even $25 balance required to cash out!

-Need a coupon? Have a question? We know your time is valuable and your emails get a response quickly -- from a real person, not an automated reply system!

-Ability to join our free frequent shopper club. Members receive the following perks: Double tokens on everything they do on the site (Starts Jan 2008), up to 1,000 bonus tokens per order, rate boosts and much more. To learn more about the club click on this link: http://quickrewards.net/policy/frequentshopper.html

Special: Place an order starting today until 11/21 and you can join the Frequent Shopper club under 1 order a month obligation instead of 3 orders. There will be a huge Holiday promotion for Frequent shoppers soon.

As promised, here is the schedule for QuickRewards’ Early Holiday Shopping Merchants of the Week (merchants change daily at midnight):


We need your help!

We are creating a testimonials page for getting new advertisers into QR. If you would like to be included on that page please email or post a testimonial in the comments. In the testimonial please include how long you have been a QR member, your first name and the first letter of your last name (Not full last name for security reasons).

I appreciate your help on this.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Important changes to the token loyalty program starting January 2008

We have new and excited news to share with you regarding the terms of our token loyalty program. We heard feedback from our members and listened to what you had to say. As a result, we are redesigning the loyalty token program starting January 2008.

Starting today your tokens will never expire however in January 2008, you will not be able to redeem them for gift cards due to the fact that some advertisers don’t allow rewarding cash for certain offers and only allow rewarding tokens. This new rule will allow us to bring in new advertisers on board. You will only be able to redeem the tokens for prizes and QR merchandise. To make it clear this change only has to do with loyalty token program. You will still earn cash on the site and redeem them for Paypal or gift cards as you do now.

Another exciting change is that frequent shoppers will earn double the tokens for everything they do. If a member who is not a frequent shopper reaches $25 a month (100% on the bar) they will also be able to double the amount of tokens they earn during that month. Those that don’t earn $25 a month will not receive double tokens and will not lose 50% of the tokens.

Finally I know when other sites create changes like this they usually increase the token values of everything. We are not other websites and care about our members. We did our homework. We put ourselves in your shoes and asked ourselves “Why should we screw the members who have been so loyal to us?”. If we change the rules they will just get frustrated and will not be loyal any more. This will not be the case here with the value increases although we will be adding new merchandise/prizes and the QR branded merchandise will have a lower point value then the non-QR branded merchandise.

I am very sure that everyone will enjoy this new change. We are one of the very few rewards programs that have a loyalty program that rewards their members an additional incentive on top of the everyday reward earnings.

If you have any questions/feedback please share it by leaving a comment. This is the type of feedback I look forward to receiving so that I can improve things on QR.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick to getting the Universal clicks to work

One of our members, Normilda, posted a great response on one of our blogs on how to get universal clicks to work. I asked a lot of members who emailed us to do this and it works. Thanks Normilda!

"For those of you having trouble with the flash ads - I found a way to make it work.

First off - it won't work in Internet Explorer - but in Firefox it will after you do one thing. Go to the page of daily clicks - click on "tools" at the top - then click on "clear Private data" - put a check mark in the "cookies" box and leave all the other check mark in place - then click "clear private data now". You will then need to sign back in - but once you go back to the page - all the flash icons should be there.

The reason it isn't showing up is because of the cookie used to display this icon - once it downloads onto your computer for you to see it - it disables itself - it is in your temporary cookies - so it isn't seen as a "needed" cookie to save. so it disables itself and just sits as "internet junk" on your computer. So once you clear it and then go back to the website - it sees you need the cookie - and resends it to your computer to be used as a temporary "sessions" cookie."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Super Wacky Crazy QuickyPot Day is BACK!

This Wednesday 10/24, Thursday 10/25 and Friday 10/26 is Super Wacky Crazy Quickypot Day!

Why is this one better than ever?

Due to popular demand this game is back. This time once again we will have 10 offers and 5/10 offers will be brand new that were never on QuickRewards before. The secret offer that will be worth additional 10,000 tokens will be one of these 5 new offers. We will try to have more then 5 new offers, but so far at least 5 new once were already approved.

What is Super Wacky Crazy Quickypot Day exactly?

It is works just like a regular weekly QuickyPot, but with a twist: everyone will win part of the pot! In addition to the shared winnings some lucky members will win an additional 10,000 tokens each. The more members that participate, the more tokens everyone shares. 10 offers are going to be uploaded and each of them will have each own QuickyPot jackpot that keeps increasing for three days each time a member completes the offer. The more members that participate, the bigger the jackpot grows. You may do as little as 1 or as much as 10 offers. Over the weekend we will split the individual progressive jackpot between everyone that participated. Remember that you also get paid to do that offer.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New blog addition: QuickRewards Coupons Blog

We are adding a new blog that will allow us to display the most current exclusive deals, coupons as well as super sales.

Another great thing about this blog is the Member Coupon Request feature. Need a coupon for OfficeDepot? Need a coupon for Buy.com? Post your request there and we will respond with a coupon code if available.

Click here to visit the blog: http://quickrewardscoupons.blogspot.com/



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Introducing VistaPrint store ***UNBEATABLE DEAL***

A new friend of mine who works for VistaPrint wants to offer a super special deal for our members. As you may know Vistaprint is the largest store that sells customized printed products as well as offers a lot of free samples. They sell everything from business cards, T-shirts, invitations, rubber stamps, pens, return address labels, checks, desk and wall calendars, and just in time for the holidays - Holiday Cards!

Holidays are just around the corner and just in time for the holidays she is giving all QuickRewards members 50% off on all the prices on their site when you use the special link she gave us. That’s in addition to 13% cash back QuickRewards is giving you. Start shopping today! Check out VistaPrint store on our front page when you login into your QR account.

Their prices are super low. I ordered 420 return labels and 250 colorful business cards from them. They arrived within 1 week and the products are high quality. You must click on our link to see these prices. It would cost double or even triple for me to get these business cards at a nearby office supply store.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cash back for Wal-Mart is back at QuickRewards!

We are very excited to announce that right before the holiday shopping season we finally reached an agreement with Wal-Mart to allow rewarding members cash back for shopping at Walmart.com using the link in our shopping section.

You will receive 2% cash back for shopping. Check out the Every Day Low Prices at Wal-Mart!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

August/September Token Donation Results / Future Plans

The August/September token donation for For A Child Wish was a huge success. Thanks to all the great QuickReards members we were able to donate 3,627,000 tokens combined which came up to $217.62 (we used a rate 500,000 tokens = $30 instead of $25 + tshirt like for all members). Since I like exact numbers we are rounding this off to $250.

Thanks to all of you Tina’s niece, who has a medical condition that is causing her to go blind will be going to Disney in a few days to see Mickey. They will use the money to upgrade the hotel to be closer to Disney.

What’s next for our donation section? It’s all up to you!
Do you know a charity that needs help? If so please leave a comment with the charity name, description and url. I will collect all the information and make a poll for people to vote on every month. The most popular once will be featured in our token donation section. This way members will have a few choices to choose from every month.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

SuperWacky QuickyPot Shared bonuses were added

We uploaded the Super Wacky Quickpot promotion bonuses to accounts. Make sure you see them. The lowest bonus was 730 tokens and the highest was 13,000 (IDEAL BITE was the 10,000 secret bonus advertiser). This is the amount of tokens each member received.

Due to the popularity of this promotion we will have one again in a few weeks, but this time all the offers featured will be brand new.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Disney/Gift card promotion is back and more rewarding then ever!

The Good news:
For every other $25 gift card you request we will add $3 back into your account. For every $25 Disney gift card requested you will get $3 Disney Dollars. (Compare this to the usual $1 bonus per card! This is 12% bonus cash back for every gift card.)

The catch:
All the credits must be earned from October 1st – October 14th. Unlike the previous promotions you will not be able to earn these bonuses for balances earned before October. For this promotion we only will count the credits earned from surveys, signups, clicks, signups that were done starting October 1st. So for example if you have $100 balance, but only $25 was earned in October you will only receive the $3 bonus on the $25 gift card and no bonus on the $75 balance since it was not earned this month.

Promotional cash out dates:
You may take advantage of these rates on: 10/8 and 10/15

Let us know if you have any questions.

UPDATE: We will be adding about 25 new offers within the next few days to help you with the promotion.

Please spend a minute to respond with your feedback. I want to know if you think this promotion is good or not? I need feedback to improve future promotions.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New layout added/Don't like it here is how to go back to the old one!

Based on very positive feedback, the new layout is out. It should be easier to navigate.

If you don’t like it and you are used to the older one you have the option to go back to it. Just go to:

To go back to the new one select CLEAR in the Main Theme and UPDATE NOW

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Super Wacky Crazy QuickyPot Day/New QR rule (good news)

9/26 and 9/27 is our first ever Super Wacky Crazy QuickyPot Day.

It is works just like a regular weekly QuickyPot, but with a twist: everyone will win part of the pot! In addition to the shared winnings some lucky members will win an additional 10,000 tokens each. The more members that participate, the more tokens everyone shares.

How it works:
10 offers are going to be uploaded and each of them will have each own QuickyPot jackpot that keeps increasing for two days each time a member completes the offer. The more members that participate, the bigger the jackpot grows. You may do as little as 1 or as much as 10 offers. On 9/28 we will split the individual progressive jackpot between everyone that participated. Remember that you also get paid to do that offer.

Another bonus:
1 of the 10 offers will be selected at random at the end of the contest as the featured offer. Everyone that participated in that specific QuickyPot will receive an additional 10,000 tokens in addition to the jackpot tokens that everyone shares.

Starting end of September you will now have 2 months to earn $50 ($25 each month) before tokens are 50% lost. This way if you don’t reach $25 the first month you have until the end of the next month to earn earn a total of $50(for two month combined). Here is the current schedule:

September: All tokens will be carried over
October: Those who didn’t each a total of $50 between Sept + October will lose 50% of the tokens
November: All tokens will be carried over
December: Those who didn’t each a total of $50 between November + December will lose 50% of the tokens

This should give everyone more flexibility in terms especially if you don’t have enough time or good offers to do one month you can catch up the next month. FREQUENT SHOPPERS AND QR TESTERS STILL GET 100% TOKENS CARRIED OVER EVERY SINGLE MONTH EVEN IF THEY DON’T EARN $25 A MONTH.

Let us know if you have any questions/feedback/suggestions regarding the promotion or the new rule.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frequent Shopper 1 Day Only promotion

***This promotion is only for members in our Frequent Shopper club or QR Testers***

Place any order on Wednesday 9/19 and get 5,000 tokens for every order over $25 or 3,000 tokens for every order $10-$24.99. This is an additional bonus to the bonus tokens you are already receiving as a frequent shopper.

Another great promo:
Check out ShoeBuy.com on the front page when you login. Place any order and get free shipping, 15% off and $10 cash back (instead of $7.75) for frequent shoppers only! This $2.25 extra bonus starts 9/17 and ends on Friday 9/21. ***Make sure to email support@quickrewards.net once the transaction credits your account for the $2.25 bonus***

Interested in learning more about Frequent Shopper club? It’s free to join! Click here for more details: CLICK HERE