Tuesday, December 11, 2007

QuickRewards Holiday Shopping Promotion: Spin The Wheel Game

For every single order you place(including EBAY), you will receive 3 spins(David’s cookies orders receive 4 spins). You can win up to 25,000 tokens per spin and 1 raffle entry into a contest. Everyone wins in this game at least 500 tokens per spin.

In January we will raffle of the following prizes (most of them are sponsored by David’s Cookies)

Grand prize:

Davids Cookies: 1 winner chooses 12 month - 1 lb cookie of the month or 12 month - dessert of the month membership

Other prizes:

Davids Cookies: 2-lb assorted cookies

Davids Cookies: 12 pc brownies

Davids Cookies: 12 pc assorted cheesecakes

Davids Cookies: cookie-brownie-combo

Davids Cookies: rocky mountain mudslide cake

Jelly Belly candy 10 flavor sampler box

QuickRewards Tshirt and Tote combo

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GAME AND ALL THE RULES VISIT THIS URL:http://quickrewards.net/contests/spinme.html

NOTE: You will see: ERROR FAILED TO GET SPIN DATA until you earn at least 1 game token.



Normilda said...

Wonderful game - with just one glitch you should be aware of. Once you start the game - it does the whole spin thing and give you your points - but - it still stays on 2 spins left - and constantly builds up points - but the spin always says 2. - Now, you'll be happy to know it ONLY CREDITS the very first spin amount. In order to do spin number 2 and number 3 - you have to click on another link (I usually click on home) - and then "re-click" on the click here button on the front page. you have to do it in between each spin. it would not let me do all 3 spins in a row - I had to go back to the home page to re-enter the spin area. I hope I didn't confuse you - it's hard for me to put it in words. But I finally got all 3 spins. I used IE - next spins I earn I might try Firefox.
But other than going back to the main page in between each spin - it is a great game.

Dmitry said...

It is not a glitch. You landed on a star first which gave you more spins and added an extra digit.

Glad you like it. It took us over 2 weeks to design it(both the logic of the game and the actual game).

heavenheir said...

I am looking forward to trying this new game--it sounds like a real winner! This is very new and different, and exciting--thank you!

Nancy said...

I just got to play today, and won quite a few tokens! Am i reading this right that you have to place an order each time and get credited to get more spins?

luvhockey said...

Is there any advantage to saving the spins up and doing them all at once?

Dmitry said...

Hi Nancy,
Yes you have to place orders to get more spins.

There are no advantages of waiting.

Nancy said...

Having to shop to get more spins, is fine by me! LOL Just gives me an excuse to shop more! Yes!

cathi said...

I love the game

do we receive spins for shopping at amazon through the QR links

Slingshot377 said...

Oh my gosh I am so exited! On my toes excited! Hurry up and give me my plays for eBay - I wanna play! I will probably make another 10 eBay puchases and send in the confirmations for all of my other buys. I am also about to order a few Wiimotes from Amazon.ca so hopefully I can get spins for that aswell.

Jiya said...

I'm having some trouble with the spin the wheel game. I tried it one time, and it gave me the game tokens but would not stop spinning after I had over 7000 game tokens (unfortunately, I forgot to write down how many). Then my computer crashed -- and now it says I have only 8 spins, instead of 9. I can't tell if I was awarded the tokens or not.

Now, I'm trying one more time on the spin, and I have 1560 tokens and it will not stop spinning. Help!

Kat said...

I think this is malfunctioning. My tokens are not posting and I keep spinning and getting the exact same amount.

I just had 40,000 some odd tokens, clicked to the home page, and they did not show up. I think on my first time spinning the wheel, they did credit.

Either that or I am doing something wrong.

FloridaGrandma said...

I don't think that the Wheel is working properly. I tried spinning it in both FF and IE. It seemed to work better in Firefox. In Internet Explorer one time there were 29,310 tokens posted in the "Session Tokens", but they didn't go into my token total. Sometimes the Wheel would spin and credit 1460 tokens but the number of Spins remaining didn't go down and the tokens didn't go into my total at the top of the page when I hit Refresh or went to the homepage and back. It is, however, a fun game!

heavenheir said...

The same thing has been happening to me too. The first game I did I ended up with 100,000 points cause the wheel just kept spinning. I figured I must have somehow earned some extra spins but when an hour went by and I was still spinning........well, I might be just a little s.l.o.w. LOL. The second game, done several hours later, got me 24,000 but I stopped because it said the limit was 25,000. I am not at all certain that I got ANY of these points so I'm waiting to hear from Dmitry (hint, hint) about what should be done next. I sure don't want to waste my spins--and I'm sure nobody else here does either. On a slightly different topic: does anyone know if we can do the clicks yet? I haven't seen any messages.

Dmitry said...

We will fix the wheel. Please email us so that I can give you the spins back.

Yes you can do clicks.

Abagale said...

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